Perfectly Hawaiian™ plants are grown exclusively for professional interiorscapers. Our plants are mainstays of the interiorscape business because they are tough varieties that perform in low light conditions, grow slowly so they don't exceed their space in installations and look beautiful for years.

Our product line isn't elaborate, but our quality is. Hawaii Nurseries grows just six varieties of Dracaena and two varieties of palms. But we guarantee that we are the best at what we do. Our plants have consistently perfect form and proportions. They always meet, and usually exceed, specifications. They are absolutely healthy and always long lasting. And no matter how much our customers plead, we never ship a plant before it’s ready.

We were the first nursery to grow cut back Dracaena Janet Craigs. Today, Hawaii Nurseries sets the industry standard. In fact, we’re known for our cut backs, quite simply, because our quality is impeccable. We also grow Dracaena tips and bush tips, all with our famous Perfectly Hawaiian™ quality.

Hawaii Nurseries is at the forefront of technology as the first Hawaiian nursery to use tissue culture propagation for Dracaena cane production. This method produces the most uniform plants available and enables us to meet the phenomenal demand for our Dracaena Hilo Girl.

We are one of the few nurseries to specialize in specimen Rhapis excelsa, from 6’ to 14’+ tall. Plant professionals know how hard it can be to locate specimen-sized Rhapis. That’s because they are excruciatingly slow to grow. Sure, we have tens of thousands of three to five foot Rhapis, but we won’t sell them until they grow up. We’re committed to creating the nation’s largest, consistent supply of specimen Rhapis. Because we know it’s the best of the best interiorscape plants.

Even the way we grow our Fishtail palms makes them extra strong and long lasting on the job. We start our Caryota mitis from seed as individual liners, then hand select them for matched size. We plant just four to five plants per pot and grow them in the sun when young, to develop larger caliper. Our Caryota are then grown under heavy shade for years to acclimate them to low light levels. The result is full, lush plants that have heavy trunks and are well acclimated for durability in installations.

At Hawaii Nurseries, we’re obsessed with perfection and fanatics about quality. Owner Patrick McGrath’s passion for the art of creating beautiful foliage is evident in every Perfectly Hawaiian™ plant. We invite you to see for yourself.