We’re obsessed with creating beautiful plants, but the best part of our Dracaena is below the soil line. The strength of our root systems is the most important key to our long-lasting plants. And durable plants improve our customers’ bottom line.

We never, ever, lower our high standards for a strong root system. Perfectly Hawaiian™ plants are grown in our greenhouses under ideal conditions until they have solid root systems occupying two-thirds to three-fourths of the media volume. Extensive trials have shown this to be the ideal root strength, creating a very durable plant with plenty of room for future growth.

Hawaii’s unique planting media is the secret of our plants’ durability. Clean, natural volcanic cinder, mixed with Canadian peat moss provides excellent aeration to the roots while retaining water and nutrients for healthy plant growth. Because cinder-based media is highly stable and does not decompose or compact over time, our root systems remain aerated and healthy for years.

Our own local field stock is the reason we can create unbelievably strong root systems. Our Dracaena cane is planted fresh, the day we harvest it from the fields. Fresh cuttings create stronger, heavier root systems than those grown from imported cane. And sturdy root systems are the foundation of exceptionally durable, Perfectly Hawaiian™ plants. It's that simple.